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We are family business.

Kanitta formerly worked as an Interior Designer and she later obtained a Master’s Degree in Product Design. Working in New York and realizing how demanding life in a city can be, she sought after a simple solution to de-stress after a hard-working day. Kanitta wishes to bring a little moment of relaxation and tranquility to people’s homes. This has led her to the creation of Vaang together with Narong and Belle, her brother and sister, who contributed with their experience in health products

Growing up seeing their Chinese grandmother using herbs and medicinal plants for health benefit has influenced the three to further their interests in natural remedies with the intention to share the Asian wisdom with the world. With Kanitta’s passion in design, smaller aspects contributing to the multifaceted design of the products are never overlooked. Every detail of Vaang is carefully crafted with her best intentions.