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Our Ways

Balance Mind and Body
Design and Quality
Sustainability Approach


Balance is the key to happiness and a healthy life. Vaang realizes that life could sometimes be challenging and we all need some special care and comfort from time to time in order to tackle whatever comes in life. Even mentally healthy people could still struggle with stress and anxiety. This is simply why Vaang was first created as we wish to promote a balanced mind and body, which is the first step towards wellness. As the name goes - Vaang - originally a Thai word, is the action of unwinding and letting go of all worries. Pause for a while and give self-care. Have a little relaxing time. These are the intentions which reflect in our products.



Balance Mind and Body

Rooted in Asain wisdom of holistic wellness which entails the use of plants and natural approach to promote health and wellbeing, Vaang focuses on natural extracts to promote a well-balanced mind, body and spirit. We believe in the interconnection of these elements which enhances the overall health. 



Design and Quality

Finest Ingredients
Vaang use both essential oils and fragrance. Essential oils are extracted from parts of plants like leaves, seeds, barks, roots and rinds. Our quality fragrances complies with the standard set by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Our wax is a plant-based blend from coconut and soy wax which gives a slow and clean burn and produces little soot so Vaang’s candles can be enjoyed for an extended period of time.
Multisensory Design
We pay attention to the sensory experience beyond physical and visual aspects through design and selection of material. We approach our products as a curation of space in your home, which is not just the look of the products and the scents but also the atmosphere they create, how you see the light flickers and how you feel holding the product in your hand. Our signature vessel is especially designed from particular porcelain that holds translucent quality with a delicate texture and color. 



Sustainability Approach

Environmental friendly materials
Vaang does its best to select materials that are better for the earth. Our wax blend is made from coconut, a sustainable crop, and soybean which is an abundant agricultural product grown in Thailand. Our mailer box is carefully crafted from 100% recycled paper while our vessel lid is made of wood from old rubber trees which was formerly a waste from the rubber industry.
Optimize the use of the materials
Vaang pays attention to design detail to optimize the use of material and ensure that they are of minimal environmental impact and footprint. Vaang’s porcelain vessel can be reused as tableware after proper cleaning and heating in an oven. We reduce packaging to single mailer box to minimize waste.

Work with ethical partners
Vaang sources the material with environmental responsibility and fair labor standards in mind. Our partners are certified by Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT), Green Industry by the Ministry of Industry Thailand and CFO Carbon Footprint Organization.