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Our Kommunities

EMPOWERING WOMEN’s products are made by women, for women. We have partnered only with ethical female artisan communities, and built a strong personal relationship with them to ensure that they are empowered by fair trade and safe working environments.


Hmong women

Ban Khun Kamlang, Phayao—Thailand

The Hmong are an indigenous group originally from the mountain regions of southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. They have been relocated throughout their history but maintained a strong sense of independence and cultural identity through written and spoken language, culture, and religion. Traditional Hmong embroidery was used as a form of decoration in clothing and communication. Girls learned the art of embroidery at a young age from the female members of their family, also learning designs and patterns that were passed down generationally.

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Hmong women bring their distinctive textile making skills, which contained an array of intricate shapes and symbols to tell stories, into also crafting jewelry. Unlike many other Hmong textiles in the market that are machine-made, they dye the cotton yarn with local plants and hand stitch the Hmong authentic pattern into a jewelry piece. These women have collaborated with Aunties in Klongtoey in the project managed by Sikkha Asia Foundation. By supporting their products, you also support the education of Hmong children.

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Aunties in Klongtoey

Klongtoey, Bangkok—Thailand

The group of aunties living in Klongtoey, the biggest slum in Bangkok, work at a clean and safe sewing center located in their neighborhood. These aunties have collaborated with Hmong women in Phayao in the project managed by Sikkha Asia Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Thailand which was founded in 1981 by Japan Sotoshu Relieved Committee. Their missions are to provide opportunities to underprivileged people, such as jobs training for women in slums, educational opportunities for children in rural areas, and traditional activities to protect minority cultures in border areas. With your purchase, the aunties in Klongtoey can support themselves and their families.

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Muslim women

Duhun village, Trang—Thailand

A group of forty Muslim female artisans use their weaving skills learned from their older family members to create beautiful accessories. They use Panan leaves, a local plant naturally growing along a seashore in southern Thailand, as the main material. Panan fiber is known for its strength and durability and is used to make gifts for family members or other necessities, such as prayer mats. Every crafted piece requires high skill and care, which starts  by collecting natural leaves, preparing the fiber, dyeing a color, and weaving a product.

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